South African Scientology VM cavalcade in Umlazi

Per an on-line Encyclopedia I read, Umlazi means “rotten milk”.

According to legend, the name Umlazi comes from “umlaza” (zulu for rotten milk). It is believed that Shaka when passing through the area, refused to drink water from the a river in the area, claiming that it tasted
like “umlaza”. It is from that incident that the place gets its name.

Unfortunate naming, but apparently it’s actually a beautiful region of South Africa, and an area direly in need of solutions from Scientology Volunteer Ministers. The Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been there for roughly the last month, helping out after the flooding occured in the Durban area.

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One Response

  1. Wow, interesting, that river in the photo looks kind of like rotten milk.

    Send those VMs in there, as I know it will help.

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