Mother of God. (images of bushfires in Victoria, Australia)

I’ve been blogging and writing and e-mailing and posting and digging lately about the fires in Australia, and how we’ve got to get some people down there to help.  On digg posts, I’ve seen a few folks write some “hardy har har” type comments, spectating on how silly it is or whatever. 

It doesn’t appear it’s totally real to some people the actual disaster that is happening down there, and what it actually means to have whole portions of countryside torched and people’s livelihood vaporised by a rolling brushfire that takes out anything in its path. 

Fire front near Dargo (Howitville)

Fire front near Dargo

Fire front near Dargo (Howitville)

Fire front near Dargo (Howitville)

I don’t think I need to describe the disaster in more detail.

Now, I’m back here in the U.S.  I’m not in a position where I can go to
Melbourne and help out with this.  But I can tell people about it, and
so can you, because some very tired people in Victoria (namely
firefighters and the handful of Red Cross and Scientology Volunteer
Ministers that are on the ground assisting them) that are duking it out
with this thing.

Can you do something to help? 

Funds are needed to support the volunteers. If you can help, go to the Volunteer Ministers website and fill out the contact form they have there.  They’ll accept any help from anyone anywhere.

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  1. God Bless the Scientologists and all the other religious groups giving so much good help down there. I don’t care about someone’s religious affiliation, only that they help. And as someone who is in disaster work, I will say that the FIRST people there are always the Scientologists and a few other Christian organizations. Good people and God Bless them.

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