More Miracles from the Scientology VM’s in the Philippines

Stories like this one I got off ScientologyToday is the core of what the Scientology Volunteer Minister program is all about:

“One three-year-old boy was hanging around,”
the volunteer continued. “He wasn’t laughing or joining in with the
other kids and was quite solemn. He didn’t talk or smile. He watched
closely as the VMs taught the nurses and other residents to do the
assists. Then he came over, laid down on the mat and closed his eyes as
if is to say ‘OK my turn!’ but still without saying a single word. One
of the VMs asked him if he would like an assist. He just nodded and the
assist began. At first he looked like he was in a lot of pain —
grimacing, frowning, tightly clenching his fists. But at the end of the
assist he relaxed, opened his eyes, smiled and gave the VM a big hug!
Those are the stories that make this all worthwhile.”

Help is needed in the form of more
volunteers and funds to support those on the ground. If you can help
the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in the Philippines, contact the
International Volunteer Ministers Coordinator at

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