Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Botswana

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After almost a year and a half of service to the people of Botswana,
stationed primarily in Gaborone, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers
(VMs) say their farewells. Rounding out the first leg of their Southern
Africa tour, they are proceeding now to Namibia. As they depart, they
are happy to know that they were able to truly help and leave behind
new VM groups of trained local residents in nine different locations,
who will carry their legacy of help forward to the rest of Botswana.

A Volunteer Minister delivers a communication course to the Botswana Defense Force.

Botswana could not be a more perfect place for
the launch of this tour. Until 2001 it suffered from one of the highest
AIDS rates world over and, while this is now dropping, it is still
strangling the prosperity of the nation. AIDS leads to further problems
such as the 6.4 million children orphaned by AIDS in subsarah Africa,
which accounts for more than half of the 12 million orphaned children
world-wide and leads to poverty and economic strife.

But as Philippa Sondergaard, one of the
VMs on this tour, told BOPA News in July 2005, when the tour first
arrived, “we do not close our eyes to the pain and suffering that is
around,” further elaborating that “our motto is ‘Something can be done
about it.'”

Her words ring true when one considers
the 41,300 people who have been contacted through this programme with
over 4,500 trained on VM courses based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard,
the founder of Scientology. The courses cover subjects such as how to
study, improving marriages, dealing with the ups and downs of life and
much more.

Those trained on these VM courses
include teachers, police, pastors, business owners and their employees,
students and others from all walks of life including hundreds of
officers of the Botswana Defense Force trained in Scientology

VMs bring real help by addressing the spiritual aspect of the problems in one’s life.

One young lady from Block 8 of Gaborone
discovered the healing powers of the VMs when her eight-year-old
brother had lapsed into an uncharacteristic aggressive and unwilling
state after his twin brother passed away. Increasingly alarmed by his
refusal to eat she went for help and found the VMs. Through her
training in the VM programme she was able to relieve his pain and
upset, thereby, restoring her brother to a happy and healthy state.

Others have discovered the help that VMs
give, such as the two schools in Mochudi where L. Ron Hubbard’s study
technology was taught or the three local Pastors who took VM classes
and now use the technology to help their congregations. In the
Broadhurst suburb of Gaborone the VMs taught Scientology communication
skills to the employees of the CB clothing store and the Woolworths
Clothing and Home store.

Internationally the Scientology
Volunteer Minister Corps is 87,000 strong and is the largest
independent relief force on Earth with over 1.6 million people
personally helped. Find out more at If you want to be trained as a VM in Botswana contact Janie at and she will direct you to our training centre.

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On Catamarans! Scientology Disaster Relief Team Going Village-to-Village

The Scientology Disaster Relief Team traveling between villages in Albay Province in the Philippines.

Since early December, the Scientology Disaster
Relief Team
has been working one-on-one with those who survived Typhoon
Durian, which killed hundreds and displaced hundreds of thousands from
their homes.

With seminars and workshops based on the Scientology Handbook and the book Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard, they are giving men, women and even children tools by which they can put these painful experiences behind them.

I was writing about this incessantly in my blog, trying to get enough people informed about what was going on so we could have some people get down there and start helping out.

Well, now the Scientologists who went to the Phillipines to help, have now also been getting natives trained up on what to do, and they’re now all over the place in canoes and catamarans, going village to village to help people out.


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Something was Done about the Bushfires

Though there are a few smaller ones burning still, it looks like, from what I’ve heard, that the majority of the large bushfires which were going in Victoria, Australia, are now handled — thanks partially to the rain, and partially to some utter heroics from firefighters and Scientology Volunteer Ministers in the area. 

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