For Republic of India Day, Scientology Volunteer Ministers in India Honour Those who Struggled for Independence

Honoring the courage of the Indian people in their fight for
independence, in commemoration of the Republic of India Day, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal held a celebration for children in the slums of Kolkata.

the children of Kolkata the importance of responsible participation in
one’s country, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal hold
a flag raising ceremony on the Republic of India Day.

Though India was awarded independence on the
15th of August 1947, it was not till the 26th of January 1950 that the
country actually achieved its status as a sovereign republic.

And with their work to bring personal
independence to each child in the slums of Kolkata, by seeing to it
that they have the opportunity for education, the VMs made this a
special day for the youngsters at their center, with a flag raising
ceremony, sports and a special meal for the children.

In 1978, observing a marked deterioration of ethics and values in society, L. Ron Hubbard launched the Volunteer Ministers program with the publication of The Volunteer Minister’s Handbook (now titled The Scientology Handbook).
A textbook that includes the various solutions he had developed in
answer to the wide range of human difficulties, the tools it contains
are derived from his deeper research into the spiritual nature of man
that comprise the Scientology religion. Having these simple but
effective solutions that apply to so many different aspects of life,
Scientology Volunteer Ministers live by the motto that no matter how
bad it is, “something CAN be done about it.”

by humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard in 1978, the motto of the Scientology
Volunteer Ministers is “Something CAN be Done About It.”

For more information on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program visit their web site at

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