Scotsman Scientology Volunteer Ministers on the Ground Helping after UK Train Derailment

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Glasgow and the Church of Scientology in Edinburgh, Scotland have been on the ground helping organize relief efforts after the train derailment in Cumbria, UK. 

The Glasgow-bound Pendolino tilting train derailed last Friday at 95
mph in a remote country area, scattering carriages down a steep

“Investigation of the lock and stretcher bars in the
facing points at Lambrigg crossover showed that one of three stretcher
bars was missing, and bolts that secured the lock bar and another
stretcher bar were not in place,” the report said.

Stretcher bars are bolted across the moving rails, keeping them a fixed distance apart from each other.

Network Rail Chief Executive John Armitt said the company was
“devastated” and accepted full responsibility: “We now need to
understand how the points came to be in this condition — and we will
leave no stone unturned in our search for the facts behind this

It was said there was no evidence that the bolts had been “wrenched
free” and indications were that the points were the immediate cause of
the derailment.

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson said he took “his hat off” to Network
Rail for being dignified in accepting responsibility for the accident.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from neighbouring churches all over northern UK are being activated to come and assist with the effort, to help organize food and provide emergency services. 


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