Scientology Volunteer Ministers in India

I was just blog-surfing a friend’s blog (Scientologist John Wood from England) and came across this set of adorable shots from the blog “Rescue of India after Tsunami“.   This is only a few of them, but are shots of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in India helping to clean up after the tsunami, but then get the people back on their feet, the children taken care of and into school, etc.  I felt it pretty touching.



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Scotsman Scientology Volunteer Ministers on the Ground Helping after UK Train Derailment

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Glasgow and the Church of Scientology in Edinburgh, Scotland have been on the ground helping organize relief efforts after the train derailment in Cumbria, UK. 

The Glasgow-bound Pendolino tilting train derailed last Friday at 95
mph in a remote country area, scattering carriages down a steep

“Investigation of the lock and stretcher bars in the
facing points at Lambrigg crossover showed that one of three stretcher
bars was missing, and bolts that secured the lock bar and another
stretcher bar were not in place,” the report said.

Stretcher bars are bolted across the moving rails, keeping them a fixed distance apart from each other.

Network Rail Chief Executive John Armitt said the company was
“devastated” and accepted full responsibility: “We now need to
understand how the points came to be in this condition — and we will
leave no stone unturned in our search for the facts behind this

It was said there was no evidence that the bolts had been “wrenched
free” and indications were that the points were the immediate cause of
the derailment.

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson said he took “his hat off” to Network
Rail for being dignified in accepting responsibility for the accident.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from neighbouring churches all over northern UK are being activated to come and assist with the effort, to help organize food and provide emergency services. 


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Scientology Volunteer Ministers Teach Course on Communication

Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet your captain, Captain Oveur.

Clarence Oveur:
Gentlemen, welcome aboard.

Captain, your navigator, Mr. Unger, and your first officer, Mr. Dunn.

Clarence Oveur:



Clarence Oveur:
Dunn. Gentlemen, let’s get to work.

Unger, didn’t you serve under Oveur in the Air Force?

Not directly. Technically, Dunn was under Oveur and I was under Dunn.


So, Dunn, you were under Oveur and over Unger.


Clarence Oveur:
That’s right. Dunn was over Unger and I was over Dunn.

So, you see, both Dunn and I were under Oveur, even though I was under Dunn.

Clarence Oveur:
Dunn was over Unger, and I was over Dunn.


Ever have trouble being duplicated?

Scientology is
all about being able to communicate.  A lot of people every day think
they’re communicating, but they’re really just talking, moving their
lips around, not really saying anything that people understand.

Honestly, the single most important thing in any job is the ability to
communicate an interact with others.  If one can’t communicate, he’s
pretty dead — no matter what technical knowledge he might have about
his job.  I’ve been to a trillion different job training classes,
seminars, read a ton of books, etc — but the single most important
skill I’d say I have in my job is the ability to communicate.  And that’s something I learned at a Scientology church (in Portland, Oregon, actually — right down the street from where I worked at WebTrends.)

I would heavily recommend that anyone, regardless of your religion, study up on L. Ron Hubbard‘s technology of communication — something taught by any Scientology Volunteer minister training centre or Goodwill Tour.  You can do this on the Scientology Handbook website, or you can just order the full book at the Scientology Volunteer Minister site.


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For Republic of India Day, Scientology Volunteer Ministers in India Honour Those who Struggled for Independence

Honoring the courage of the Indian people in their fight for
independence, in commemoration of the Republic of India Day, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal held a celebration for children in the slums of Kolkata.

the children of Kolkata the importance of responsible participation in
one’s country, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal hold
a flag raising ceremony on the Republic of India Day.

Though India was awarded independence on the
15th of August 1947, it was not till the 26th of January 1950 that the
country actually achieved its status as a sovereign republic.

And with their work to bring personal
independence to each child in the slums of Kolkata, by seeing to it
that they have the opportunity for education, the VMs made this a
special day for the youngsters at their center, with a flag raising
ceremony, sports and a special meal for the children.

In 1978, observing a marked deterioration of ethics and values in society, L. Ron Hubbard launched the Volunteer Ministers program with the publication of The Volunteer Minister’s Handbook (now titled The Scientology Handbook).
A textbook that includes the various solutions he had developed in
answer to the wide range of human difficulties, the tools it contains
are derived from his deeper research into the spiritual nature of man
that comprise the Scientology religion. Having these simple but
effective solutions that apply to so many different aspects of life,
Scientology Volunteer Ministers live by the motto that no matter how
bad it is, “something CAN be done about it.”

by humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard in 1978, the motto of the Scientology
Volunteer Ministers is “Something CAN be Done About It.”

For more information on the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program visit their web site at

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Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Taiwan – Handling Rising Recidivism Rates in Taiwan


“If you can’t trust yourself, you will never make it out of the
revolving door of the prison system.” That’s the message of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, working to rehabilitate the self-esteem of inmates in the jails of Taiwan.

Not only is rising recidivism straining the
resources of the correctional system of the nation, it also victimizes
the community with escalating crime and represents a dead-end existence
for the criminal and his or her family and friends.

L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion,
described the key to resolving this problem when he wrote, “If one
sincerely hopes to rehabilitate a criminal population then this is the
factor one must consider: ‘Where did they lose their self-respect?'”

The VMs have found that often what
underlies this lack of self-esteem is an inability to communicate.
Incapable of relating to people or dealing with conflicts or
disagreements, they resort to actions that disregard the needs and
wishes of those around them and start on a dwindling spiral that
eventually winds them up behind bars.

The VMs deliver workshops using the Scientology Handbook
based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. They cover such subjects as
ethics and integrity, communication and how to understand people. They
get the inmates involved through practical exercises that increase
their skill in dealing with others. And it is not unusual for those
attending to gain new insight, like a recent participant who realized,
“I thought I could just operate with my own interests in mind. Now I
see I survive better if I help others survive too.”

For more information on the Scientology Handbook and to read selections from the book online, visit

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Volunteer Ministers Helping the Children of Calcutta

I actually had the extreme good fortune to meet Mr. Ullah (the main Volunteer Minister described below) when he came to the U.S. to get his recent award for the service he’s done in Calcutta.   He’s an incredible man who just brightens up when you talk about children — he loves children, and making them do well.  So, this ScientologyToday story had particular meaning for me when I read it:

Life can be pretty grim for a child in the slums of Kolkata. But, with the Scientology Handbook
and their motto “Something CAN be done about it,” the Scientology
Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal are working with other community
groups and agencies to see that these children have the care they need.

the slums of Kolkata, where the spread of disease puts the children at
risk, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Center of West Bengal teams
up with health care providers to help youngsters get free, basic
medical care.

This city is a breeding ground for childhood
diseases, and epidemics tear through the slums where children whose
immune systems are weakened by malnutrition are much more prone to
illness. All too often, parents can’t afford medical treatment for
their children, even at the low-cost hospitals in the area. So the VMs
team up with health care professionals to make free health check ups
and medicine available to these youngsters at the Volunteer Ministers

But health and well-being depends on a lot more than medicine. And with their knowledge of Scientology technology,
the Volunteer Ministers make sure to supplement the work of the health
professionals with their own special kind of “spiritual first aid.”

their checkups, Mohammad Kallil Ullah helps these youngsters with
“spiritual first aid” in the form of a “locational assist,” to
extrovert their attention.

As described in the Scientology Handbook:

“People sometimes get hurt in the
business of living. The human body is subject to disease, injuries and
various mishaps of accidental or intentional character.

“Throughout the ages, religions
have attempted to relieve man’s physical suffering. Methods have ranged
from prayer to the laying on of hands, and many superstitions arose to
account for their occasional effectiveness. It has been a commonly held
belief, however, no matter the method used, that the spirit can have an
effect on the body.

“Today, medicine treats the body
when there is something wrong with it. But it overlooks almost totally
the relationship of the spiritual being to his body and the effect the
former has on the latter.”

The handbook goes on to state:

L. Ron Hubbard
developed numerous applications of his discoveries for the mental and
spiritual aspects of a person’s physical difficulties. And as more and
more techniques evolved, a new body of technology came into use, called

So, following their checkups, these
youngsters all get a “locational assist” – a procedure that helps the
individual free up his or her attention when it has become fixated
because of trauma, loss or injury.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal exemplify the qualities described by L. Ron Hubbard in his essay, Religious Influence on Society:
“A Volunteer Minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and
injustice of existence. Rather, he is trained to handle these things
and help others achieve relief from them and new personal strength as

*Assists: Developed by L. Ron Hubbard,
founder of the Scientology religion, assists can be used by anyone to
help people who are ill, distraught or injured. Assists do not take the
place of medical attention but aid it by addressing the emotional and
spiritual side of the trauma.

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Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Botswana

This, from

After almost a year and a half of service to the people of Botswana,
stationed primarily in Gaborone, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers
(VMs) say their farewells. Rounding out the first leg of their Southern
Africa tour, they are proceeding now to Namibia. As they depart, they
are happy to know that they were able to truly help and leave behind
new VM groups of trained local residents in nine different locations,
who will carry their legacy of help forward to the rest of Botswana.

A Volunteer Minister delivers a communication course to the Botswana Defense Force.

Botswana could not be a more perfect place for
the launch of this tour. Until 2001 it suffered from one of the highest
AIDS rates world over and, while this is now dropping, it is still
strangling the prosperity of the nation. AIDS leads to further problems
such as the 6.4 million children orphaned by AIDS in subsarah Africa,
which accounts for more than half of the 12 million orphaned children
world-wide and leads to poverty and economic strife.

But as Philippa Sondergaard, one of the
VMs on this tour, told BOPA News in July 2005, when the tour first
arrived, “we do not close our eyes to the pain and suffering that is
around,” further elaborating that “our motto is ‘Something can be done
about it.'”

Her words ring true when one considers
the 41,300 people who have been contacted through this programme with
over 4,500 trained on VM courses based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard,
the founder of Scientology. The courses cover subjects such as how to
study, improving marriages, dealing with the ups and downs of life and
much more.

Those trained on these VM courses
include teachers, police, pastors, business owners and their employees,
students and others from all walks of life including hundreds of
officers of the Botswana Defense Force trained in Scientology

VMs bring real help by addressing the spiritual aspect of the problems in one’s life.

One young lady from Block 8 of Gaborone
discovered the healing powers of the VMs when her eight-year-old
brother had lapsed into an uncharacteristic aggressive and unwilling
state after his twin brother passed away. Increasingly alarmed by his
refusal to eat she went for help and found the VMs. Through her
training in the VM programme she was able to relieve his pain and
upset, thereby, restoring her brother to a happy and healthy state.

Others have discovered the help that VMs
give, such as the two schools in Mochudi where L. Ron Hubbard’s study
technology was taught or the three local Pastors who took VM classes
and now use the technology to help their congregations. In the
Broadhurst suburb of Gaborone the VMs taught Scientology communication
skills to the employees of the CB clothing store and the Woolworths
Clothing and Home store.

Internationally the Scientology
Volunteer Minister Corps is 87,000 strong and is the largest
independent relief force on Earth with over 1.6 million people
personally helped. Find out more at If you want to be trained as a VM in Botswana contact Janie at and she will direct you to our training centre.

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