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The conditions in China’s Sichuan province are rough, as the search continues for survivors in the rubble left after China’s most devastating earthquake in more than 3 decades – an earthquake that killed an estimated 50,000 people and left close to 5 million homeless.

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Now almost a week after the quake, rescue workers are still working around the clock, their hopes of finding survivors growing more bleak. One hundred thirty thousand military and aid workers have been sent to the Sichuan Province to assist on the relief efforts – yet some of the smaller villages and towns have yet to see any of this aid.

There are millions in need of the real help that LRH tech can bring; to help them move on and rebuild their lives.

Our first Scientology Volunteers have arrived in China. While they have hit the ground running delivering assist workshops to hospital workers in a city hit by the quake – many more VMs are needed to truly bring help to the millions of this region.

“The idea of Volunteer Ministers was actually borrowed from the basic pattern of the “barefoot doctor of China” who would administer help to alleviate the tortured troubles of man.” – LRH

If ever this nation was tortured by the pain of suffering and loss, it is now.

Your help is needed – more volunteers are needed to answer the call.

If you are unable to go to China yourself, we need your financial contribution to support others who are preparing to leave right now.

Please contact the Disaster Response Director at the International Volunteer Minister Office. To make your donation click here, or call 1800-435-7498 (within the U.S.) or 1-323-960-949 (outside the U.S).

Thank you for your support.


Help Needed – Situation in China

image On Monday, China suffered its worst earthquake in three decades with a 7.9 quake which literally toppled buildings leaving thousands trapped under houses, schools, factories and office buildings or dead. The earthquake was centered in Sichuan Province in southwest China but was felt across the vast country.

There are at least 12,000 known casualties, but some of the worst-hit areas have yet to be contacted. The death toll will likely reach tens of thousands of people, with thousands more injured or homeless. There is a risk of landslides and this, coupled with the fact that a chemical storage plant was damaged and is now leaking dangerous chemicals, makes it all the more urgent for Volunteer Ministers to step forward now to help those who desperately need it and to prevent further damage.

Volunteer Ministers from all over the world must be gotten to the scene NOW, to bring help to those in the worst-affected areas. Not one minute can be wasted – one minute can mean someone’s life. These people are in desperate need. Trained Volunteer Ministers need to answer the call.

We need VMs on flights to the International airport in Chengdu within the next few hours. Contact the Volunteer Ministers International Office.  If you are unable to go yourself, your help is needed to sponsor another Volunteer Minister who can go.

This is u-r-g-e-n-t and we must act now. Please pass this message on to your friends.

Please send this to everyone you know!

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On Catamarans! Scientology Disaster Relief Team Going Village-to-Village

The Scientology Disaster Relief Team traveling between villages in Albay Province in the Philippines.

Since early December, the Scientology Disaster
Relief Team
has been working one-on-one with those who survived Typhoon
Durian, which killed hundreds and displaced hundreds of thousands from
their homes.

With seminars and workshops based on the Scientology Handbook and the book Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard, they are giving men, women and even children tools by which they can put these painful experiences behind them.

I was writing about this incessantly in my blog, trying to get enough people informed about what was going on so we could have some people get down there and start helping out.

Well, now the Scientologists who went to the Phillipines to help, have now also been getting natives trained up on what to do, and they’re now all over the place in canoes and catamarans, going village to village to help people out.


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Something was Done about the Bushfires

Though there are a few smaller ones burning still, it looks like, from what I’ve heard, that the majority of the large bushfires which were going in Victoria, Australia, are now handled — thanks partially to the rain, and partially to some utter heroics from firefighters and Scientology Volunteer Ministers in the area. 

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Pics Showing why Help is Needed in Philippines

I got these pics from, showing why we need some Scietnology Volunteer Ministers in the Philippines now.


 Typhoon Utor approaching landfall on the Phillippines

Even this 50 tonne excavator stood no chance against the barrage of rocks and mud.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are needed to help right now.  If you’re trained or not, it doesn’t matter – contact the Scientology VM hotline at

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Needed in Australia

Nature doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humour.

Shortly after a typhoon struck the Philippines, fires also began raging out of control near Melbourne Australia.

Volunteers are urgently needed to assist the more than three
thousand firefighters who are working around the clock to protect
townships in and around the Mansfield and Wangaratta areas in Victoria,

Teams of Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Scientology churches around Australia are mobilizing to evacuate those in the area and give assistance to the firefighters and other emergency response personnel. Contact the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Coordinator for more information on how to help.

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