Myanmar – All Volunteer Ministers Call to Action


image On Sunday, Cyclone Nargis hit the nation of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma, a country between India and China) and killed in excess of 25,000 people so far. The original report from the military government of Myanmar was a death toll in the hundreds, but there was a belated admission that the cyclone had killed at least 30 times this figure – with 10,000 perished in just one city. The devastation of the area has left several hundred thousand people without shelter and clean water.


image The people of this area need our help urgently. A whole team of Volunteer Ministers need to go to Myanmar to start bringing order and delivering the miracles of Volunteer Minister technology.

We cannot just stand back and watch. The situation requires decisive action NOW. We need responsible Volunteer Ministers to bring hope to these people.


See below for a map of Myanmar, as visual reference:

Map image



“A volunteer minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and injustice of existence. Rather, he is trained to handle these things and help others achieve relief from them and new personal strength as well.”  — LRH


At least 250 people are needed in Myanmar on an immediate basis.  Please contact the Disaster Response Officer at the International VM Office at 1-323-960-1949 or via e-mail or Sei Broadhurst or Donovan Reed at the Continental VM Office in Australia on 011-612-9264-7955.   

If you are not already trained as a Volunteer Minister, we will train you on the ground, or you can learn how to help on one of our on-line training courses, available for no charge on the Volunteer Ministers website.

Any Scientology Field Staff Member should absolutely get anyone he knows who would like to help but doesn’t have the tools to know how, to our on-line VM training center so that he or she can get the tools to be effective and be able to assist.

If you cannot go but still want to help, you can make a donation to directly fund these disaster relief activities and contribute in that way in ensuring others can go.



Scientology Volunteer Ministers in India

I was just blog-surfing a friend’s blog (Scientologist John Wood from England) and came across this set of adorable shots from the blog “Rescue of India after Tsunami“.   This is only a few of them, but are shots of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers in India helping to clean up after the tsunami, but then get the people back on their feet, the children taken care of and into school, etc.  I felt it pretty touching.



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Dianetics at Calcutta Book Fair

Here’s an outstanding photo I just came across on Thorsten Overgaard’s After the Tsunami site, detailing the work of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers after the Indian Ocean Tsunami in December 2004.

Mr. Jagdish Singh from Kolkata reading Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard at the Kolkata Book Fair.

Mr. Overgaard is an outstanding photographer, IMHO.  His site has a ton of other good works of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers of the area.

As he posted on his site,

“They appreciated our help – many people we met on the streets stopped
us to thank us for being there and for our efforts – but they resent
western, often materialistic, people coming to their country and try to
run things, tell them to change their religion, eat pills to be happier
about the tsunami, paint their houses in some trendy colors and what
have you. What they wanted was help and support to help themselves come
back to the life they have been living for thousands of years in
harmony with nature and their soul.”

The Scientology religion doesn’t espouse any particular explanation
or description of God. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhist or anybody
are welcome to use Scientology to become better Muslims, Jews or
whatever. The purpose for going to Sri Lanka was to help: Therefore the
word “minister” and the Scientology cross were omitted on the shirts
worn by the volunteers working in Sri Lanka to avoid any confusion as
to what their intentions were.

Numerous people and
organizations have helped and are still helping in Asia. In Sri Lanka
for example 2,500 US Marines cleared roads and rebuilt bridges for two
months. I saw UN cars in Colombo and Galle and US AID t-shirts on 100
locals who were cleaning up bricks in Galle.

one also occasionally sees a full blown, Madison Avenue advertising
film crew replete with klieg lights, Panavision movie camaras,
directors chairs, assistants, and French chefs working the catering
wagon while dozens of people are standing around wearing sunglasses —
right next door to acres of tents packed with tsunami survivors. Let’s
hope the commercial being filmed raises lots of aid money.

Help come in many forms.

of my reasons for going was, as I said, to help in any way I could. But
I also wanted to learn for myself what was really going on. On one hand
the Red Cross announced that they didn’t need more people in the
affected areas. Yet the Scientology Volunteers on the ground reported
that they could use all the help that could get there. Contrary
information that just didn’t add up. I wanted to find out what was
going on for myself and I wanted to let others know. I wanted to
document and report things as they were – especially the good things,
because the bad things had been reported so extensively, we all felt we
could be hit by a tsunami any moment.


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Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Taiwan – Handling Rising Recidivism Rates in Taiwan


“If you can’t trust yourself, you will never make it out of the
revolving door of the prison system.” That’s the message of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, working to rehabilitate the self-esteem of inmates in the jails of Taiwan.

Not only is rising recidivism straining the
resources of the correctional system of the nation, it also victimizes
the community with escalating crime and represents a dead-end existence
for the criminal and his or her family and friends.

L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion,
described the key to resolving this problem when he wrote, “If one
sincerely hopes to rehabilitate a criminal population then this is the
factor one must consider: ‘Where did they lose their self-respect?'”

The VMs have found that often what
underlies this lack of self-esteem is an inability to communicate.
Incapable of relating to people or dealing with conflicts or
disagreements, they resort to actions that disregard the needs and
wishes of those around them and start on a dwindling spiral that
eventually winds them up behind bars.

The VMs deliver workshops using the Scientology Handbook
based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard. They cover such subjects as
ethics and integrity, communication and how to understand people. They
get the inmates involved through practical exercises that increase
their skill in dealing with others. And it is not unusual for those
attending to gain new insight, like a recent participant who realized,
“I thought I could just operate with my own interests in mind. Now I
see I survive better if I help others survive too.”

For more information on the Scientology Handbook and to read selections from the book online, visit

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Volunteer Ministers Helping the Children of Calcutta

I actually had the extreme good fortune to meet Mr. Ullah (the main Volunteer Minister described below) when he came to the U.S. to get his recent award for the service he’s done in Calcutta.   He’s an incredible man who just brightens up when you talk about children — he loves children, and making them do well.  So, this ScientologyToday story had particular meaning for me when I read it:

Life can be pretty grim for a child in the slums of Kolkata. But, with the Scientology Handbook
and their motto “Something CAN be done about it,” the Scientology
Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal are working with other community
groups and agencies to see that these children have the care they need.

the slums of Kolkata, where the spread of disease puts the children at
risk, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Center of West Bengal teams
up with health care providers to help youngsters get free, basic
medical care.

This city is a breeding ground for childhood
diseases, and epidemics tear through the slums where children whose
immune systems are weakened by malnutrition are much more prone to
illness. All too often, parents can’t afford medical treatment for
their children, even at the low-cost hospitals in the area. So the VMs
team up with health care professionals to make free health check ups
and medicine available to these youngsters at the Volunteer Ministers

But health and well-being depends on a lot more than medicine. And with their knowledge of Scientology technology,
the Volunteer Ministers make sure to supplement the work of the health
professionals with their own special kind of “spiritual first aid.”

their checkups, Mohammad Kallil Ullah helps these youngsters with
“spiritual first aid” in the form of a “locational assist,” to
extrovert their attention.

As described in the Scientology Handbook:

“People sometimes get hurt in the
business of living. The human body is subject to disease, injuries and
various mishaps of accidental or intentional character.

“Throughout the ages, religions
have attempted to relieve man’s physical suffering. Methods have ranged
from prayer to the laying on of hands, and many superstitions arose to
account for their occasional effectiveness. It has been a commonly held
belief, however, no matter the method used, that the spirit can have an
effect on the body.

“Today, medicine treats the body
when there is something wrong with it. But it overlooks almost totally
the relationship of the spiritual being to his body and the effect the
former has on the latter.”

The handbook goes on to state:

L. Ron Hubbard
developed numerous applications of his discoveries for the mental and
spiritual aspects of a person’s physical difficulties. And as more and
more techniques evolved, a new body of technology came into use, called

So, following their checkups, these
youngsters all get a “locational assist” – a procedure that helps the
individual free up his or her attention when it has become fixated
because of trauma, loss or injury.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers of West Bengal exemplify the qualities described by L. Ron Hubbard in his essay, Religious Influence on Society:
“A Volunteer Minister does not shut his eyes to the pain, evil and
injustice of existence. Rather, he is trained to handle these things
and help others achieve relief from them and new personal strength as

*Assists: Developed by L. Ron Hubbard,
founder of the Scientology religion, assists can be used by anyone to
help people who are ill, distraught or injured. Assists do not take the
place of medical attention but aid it by addressing the emotional and
spiritual side of the trauma.

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Photo: Power Station Buried by Volcanic Rubble in Philippines


This picture taken on December 4 shows a power substation in Cullat
village in Albay province totally devastated by volcanic debris
triggered by Typhoon Durian after the area was earlier damaged by
Typhoon Xangsane in September. The United Nations Office for the
Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said it is seeking 46 million
dollars (35 million euros) to help the Philippines recover from four
devastating typhoons.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers working on the ground with the disaster relief teems need help.   Contact the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Coordinater if
you want to help — even if you’re halfway across the planet from there,
there are absolutely things anyone can do to help the effort.

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Typhoon Durian – Scientology VM’s to the Philippines

Scientology Media Information – Church of Scientology International

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers team is enroute to the Philippines to assist with the devastation recently caused by the Typhoon that ripped through the area, and is now north of Vietnam.  Applications are absolutely being accepted on the Scientology VM website, so if you’re interested in going or helping, let them know.

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