Free On-Line Training

image The people in your community encounter real situations in their day-to-day living — among them, illiteracy, drug abuse, broken marriages and dishonesty. Without solutions to these problems, the work of community leaders is less effective than it could and should be. But there are solutions, real answers that work, and they are immediately available from the Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

We deliver on-line training, on-site workshops, seminars and courses one-on-one and to groups large or small. Guided by simple demonstrations and hands-on experience, you and members of your organization can learn exactly how to apply simple solutions to life situations.

Start on a Scientology Volunteer Minister On-Line Extension Course:

Communicating effectively
Creating a lasting marriage
Learning how to learn
Bringing up children
Knowing tools for the workplace
Building a relationship
Improving personal well-being
Overcoming stress
Handling upsets
Increasing happiness
Achieving goals
Improving honesty and integrity
Overcoming oppression
Resolving conflicts
Knowing the answer to drugs
Learning basic organizational skills
Helping the ill or injured

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5 Responses

  1. Hi…my name is Fernando Barrero from Colombia South America (Barranquilla City) I want to be a minister volunteer, but my English is not very good…

    I really want to help!!!

  2. Hola Fernando! Your English is great. You can get in touch with the Church of Scientology in Bogota to get the VM booklets in Spanish. Call them at 482-0221 or 610-9560 and order the booklets. Then do the free online training by emailing our online supervisor at She speaks Spanish too. Then you will be equipped with all the tools to help anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

  3. want to join

  4. They can be difficult to create and maintain. ,

  5. These courses have just been majorly updated. Some of the courses available specifically for parents are available here:

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